Apple’s iPhone 8 Vs Samsung’s Note 8

After 2016’s Note 7’s debacle, it was up to Samsung to up their game and win their customer’s back. Samsung’s Note 8 has undoubtedly produced one of the most advanced smartphones yet to do just that. This was launched in September 2017.While around the same time Apple has introduced this year iPhone 8 and 8 plus along with their grand surprise revelation of iPhone X.

Here the comparison is drawn between Note 8 and i8 focusing on either sets’ design, specs, features to explicitly discover what each collection has to offer to its user especially in times where the world of smartphones is frequently advancing.

PRICE DA 763 € A 1185€ DA 749€ A 1078€
CPU A11 Bionic Snapdragon 835
MICRO SD No up to 256GB
DISPLAY 5.5 inches (1920 x 1080) LCD 6.3 inches (2960 x 1440) OLED
REAR CAMERAS Dual 12-MP cameras (wide angle: f/1.8; telephoto: f/2.8) Dual 12-MP (wide angle: f/1.7; telephoto: f/2.4)
FRONT CAMERA 7-MP (f/2.2) 8-MP (f/1.7)
VIDEO 4K at 60 fps; slo-mo: 1080p at 240 fps 4K at 30 fps; slo-mo: 720p at 240 fps
BATTERY LIFE 11:16 11:11
DIMENSIONS 6.2 x 3.1 x 0.3 inches 6.4 x 2.9 x 0.34 inches
WEIGHT 7.13 ounces 6.9 ounces

Samsung has created a lovely set with its vast and curved 6.3-inch display screen. But the more interesting feature is its Infinity Display introduced by Samsung in S8. It allows the users access to most of its screen with its Home button placed at the back of the set.


The Corning Gorilla Glass by Samsung had earlier enhanced the aesthetics for their phones, and this device is no exception. The style, body, a good range of colors (Maple Gold, Orchid Grey, Midnight Black, Deepsea Blue, Rose Pink), the sleek structure is all that the note-fans had waited for.

Apple, on the other hand, kept the structure of the set same as its predecessors but have introduced massive improvements to the device. The new iOS 11 software has assisted it in giving the device a faster and better functioning. Many iPhone fans are happy about the fact that the set retains the home screen button.

It features a 4.7-inch display which is also a relief for many users who prefer being able to handle their phones quickly. The new factor here is the True tone technology which adjusts the display balance to match the surrounding light for a somewhat essential, paper-like viewing that is easy to the eyes resulting in reducing eye stress.

Also, the rear has been replaced with glass incorporated into the aluminum body. It has rewarded the set with the title of “the most durable ever used smartphone.”

Specs & Features

Samsung offers a powerful, boasting Snapdragon 835 processor which is hinged on an efficient 10nm manufacturing process along with a Quad HD+ resolution display. It has an ample 6 GB storage of RAM. In comparison, Apple has introduced the nouveau A11 Bionic processor claiming it to be the smartest and most powerful processor in the smartphones yet.

This judgment shall be reserved by the users until proven so. But one can expect it to be excellent as it offers a 6- Core CPU each harnessed to allow it to give 70% more power than the previous iPhones and 3- Core GPU allowing it 30% faster graphics.

Samsung’s latest frontrunner has 64GB of sufficiently generous storage while Apple’s i8 also has 64GB as standard, but it can be upgraded till up to 256GB available for storage hounds without a MicroSD card, unlike Samsung. Samsung, on the other hand, offers a newly styled S-Pen and a built-in Iris Scanner.

This is not offered in i8 with Touch ID as its main security feature. Apple did upgrade, catching up to Samsung in regards with its wireless charging. It now supports the Qi standard for wirelessly charging devices just as Samsung. Therefore, good news for all Apple users as they can now also bid farewell to the lightning cables. Both sets have the benefit of Bluetooth 5 connectivity.

Both the sets come very close in their performance. Both are very fluid, fast and quick. Note 8 has still a slight edge over Apple’s i8, with the upgraded features which are not present in i8, as Apple has in their iPhone X.

iphone 8 vs samsung note 8


Samsung has pleased its fans with the introduction of their dual-camera arrangement making it more capable in low-light conditions and in offering better depth-of-field. This is not new for Apple as they had already introduced it last year.

But it retains its single lens camera unlike iPhone 8. Both offer excellent photography options. The QHD+ and infinity Display used by Samsung does have a better edge in the shots than in Apples i8. Samsung’s telephoto lens is also better as its second rear camera’s two times optical zoom benefits from visual image stabilization (OIS).

OIS means the internal lens moves itself to compensate for the owner’s shaky hands, and it’s also one feature the Apple Phones’ telephoto camera lacks. Other than this Samsung’s quick camera launch feature has been moved to the power button, and it’s much convenient than before.

It also can quickly flip between the rear and selfie cameras by merely flicking the screen up or down. So, one does not have to look out for the flip button anymore. There are also a large variety of photo modes: Auto, Pro, Panorama and Food, and the remaining missing favorites can be downloaded from the Galaxy App Store. It also has a new Full View camera option, which efficiently caters to the dimensions of Snapchat and Instagram Stories.


With the stupendous result and reviews rooting in favor of Samsung does feel that it is a better option in comparison. But it must be acknowledged that it is highly expensive at $996 in the US. While those, whose go-to is Apple phones should have contended with i8 as it offers them a much impressive and improvised set.

It is lower in cost than the new Note at $699, and anyone who is more of a comfort user and prefers their phones updated but not too expensive will find it to be perfect for their use. While someone who is willing to go all in into the smartphone experience should get their hands on the Samsung’s this year frontrunner that is the talk of the town along with it. It is classy, huge but handy, gorgeous, and business-like.

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